All about us

Humphrey Goudie acquired a carriage hiring business on King Street, Paisley in 1881 and relocated to Maxwellton Street 8 years later.

In 1922, Humphrey Goudie passed away leaving his two sons, Humphrey Wilson and James to take control officially forming J & W Goudie Funeral Undertakers. Sadly, in 1957 both Humphrey Wilson and James passed away within 2 weeks of each other.

For 40 years, James’s son, Hugh managed J & W Goudie along with his wife, May. Both Hugh and May retired in 1985 selling the funeral home to Wylie & Lochhead.

Since 1987 J&W Goudie have gone from strength to strength providing care and support to the local community at their time of need. You can still find us at the original premises on Maxwellton Street although the premises have recently undergone a substantial renovation. Interestingly, you can still see the area upstairs which used to house the horses although they have long since gone.

Over the years we have kept a close relationship with the Goudie family and are very proud of our Paisley Heritage. Sadly, Moira Goudie, daughter of the late Hugh and May passed away last year. 

Goudie, as it is known in Paisley, is a centre of excellence for the funeral profession with many Funeral Directors and Embalmers having had their training there.

“Today, we have grown and together we have over 150 years experience providing care and support to clients in their time of need.”